Представте себе,британская или американская девочка приезжает в Украину.Напишите ей письмо.На английском языке,и если модно,то на 11-10 балов) 

  •                                                                                              Mira street, 34
                                                                                                 (свой город)
                                                                                             The 22d of October
    Dear ...(имя адресата),
    Thank you for your letter. I did not write you because I was ill.
    In the last of your letters you wrote that you want to come in the Ukraine for some time. You must know that life in the Ukraine is not very easy. There are not manypeople which can speak so good in English. That is why you must prepare for your trip. First of all you must learn Ukrainian language. So, can you answer me my questions? When do you want to come in the Ukraine? In what city or town will you stop? Can I help you with language?
    Oh, sorry me, I must do my homework.
    With best wishes
    (свое имя)

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