Прочитайте рассказ космонавта о полете на Марс. Раскройте скобки, употребив глаголы, данные в них, в нужной видовременной форме (Past Simple, Past Continuous, Past Perfect,Future in the past). 
When I (1) _______(prepare) for the voyage to Mars I (2) ______ (know) it (3) _______ (be) long and difficult. However, I (4) ______ (not realise) at that time that food (5)_______ (be) the most serious problem. When the spaceship (6)______(be) launched. I (17) ______ (feel) very hungry. I (8) _______ (arrange) for my favourite snacks to be smuggled on board so I (9) _____ (be) certain I (10) _______ (have) a nice first meal in space. But it (11)_______(turn out) that someone (12) _______ (apparently/forget) to do it and that I (13)______(have) to live on tubes of tasteless paste for the next week. 

But the day I (14) _________(land) on Mars was my lucky one. I (15) _______(approach) the surface of the planet when a meteor (16) _______(hit) the ship. Right after that one of those funny little doors I (17) ______ (never open) fell off and heaps of chips and Mars bars (18)____(land) on the floor. 

I was so busy eating that I (19) ________(not manage) to land on Mars in the end. When I (20)______ (come) back to Earth I told them that I (21) ________(have) some trouble with the engine and I (22)_______(not make) the landing. But you know the truth now. 

  • 1. was preparing; 2. knew 3. would be; 4. didn't realise; 5. would be; 6. was; 7. felt; 8. had arranged; 9. was 10. would have; 11. turned out; 12. had apparently forgotten;  13. had to 14. was going to land 15. was approaching; 16. hit; 17. never opened; 18. landed; 19. didn't manage; 20. came, 21. had had; 22. hadn't made.

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