Помогите пожалуйста задать по три вопроса к каждому тексту! Срочно умоляюююююю! It was cold and windy in Madison Square, Soapy didn't like it. Winter was coming and it was time for him to look for shelter. Three months in prison on the Island was what he wanted. There he was sure of a little food and a bed, safe from winter wind and the cold. For years prison had been his shelter during winter. Now the time had come again.                                                    There were many easy ways of getting into prison. In Sixth Avenue Soapy saw a bright shop window. He took a stone and threw it at the glass and broke it. A policeman came very quickly. Soapy stood still and smiled when he saw the policeman. "Where is the man that has done it?" asked the policeman. "Do you think I have done it?" said Soapy in a friendly way. The policeman did not understand Soapy's hint. Men who break windows don't usually stay to speak to policeman in the street. They run away. Just then the policeman saw a man who was trying to catch a car. And the policeman ran after the man. Soapy wasn't a success.

  • Did Soapy like the weather? Was he sure of a little food? What was the time for him when winter was coming? What did Soapy tell policeman? What did Soapy see in Sixth Avenue? Did the policeman understand Soapy's hint?
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