Англ. яз. рассказ о льве

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англ.яз. рассказ о льве

  • A very big and a very strong lion lives on a mountain. Every night he goes down to the  river to drink some water. One evening lion falls into a thorny bush. Ouch- he says. I have got a thorn in my foot. At this moment, a poor slave appears. Kind man, can you help me?- Says the lion and hold up his paw to slave. -Yes, of course,-says a slave. But quiclky. My master is liiking for me! A slave kneels down and pulls the thorn out.
    Soon after, slave`s master catches him and send him to fihgt with a lion in front of the Emperor. A slave is very scared. The lion stops in fron of the slave and rolls over on his back with all four feet in the air. It is the lion from the mountain! It cannot hurt a slave. The Emperor is so surprised. He sets them both free. The slave and the lion go back to the mountain and live happily ever after.