Составьте письменно общие вопросы к следующим предложениям.


1. Our teacher knows several foreign languages

 2. He has graduated from our University last year.         

 3. We shall go to Samara next week

 4. They are working in our gar­den.

5. I have just read this book.

6. I took this book from my friend.

7. He likes reading books.

8. She has many rel­atives abroad.              

  9. They were in many countries

. 10.Rus­siais the largest country in the world.

  •  1) Does our teacher know several foreign languages?
     2) Has he graduated from our University last year?
     3) Shall we go to Samara next week?
     4) Are they working in our gar­den?
     5) Have I
    just read this book?
     6) Did I 
    take this book from my friend?

     7) Does he like reading books?
     8) Does she have many rel­atives abroad?             
     9) Were they in many countries?
    10) Is Rus­sia the largest country in the world?

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