4)Fill in with Present Simple or Present Continuous.

June: Hi, Mum!

Mum : Hello, June. Where 1)   are you calling,,(you / call) from?
June: I 2)_____________(be) at work at the moment. My boss 3)________________(have) lunch with his wife now. He 4) _________________________ (often/take) her to lunch on Tuesdays.

Mum: Well, why 5)___________________(you/phone)? Is there anything wrong?

June : No, I just want you to know that I 6)            ________________ (come) home next Saturday.
Mum: What time 7)______________________________  (your train/arrive) in Leeds?
June : It 8)_________________________  (leave)London at 11 o'clock and 9)___________________           (arrive) inLeeds at 2 o'clock.

Mum : See you on Saturday then.

  • are you from,am,is having,often takes,do phone,come,do your train arrives,leaves,i am arrive.
  • I am, is having
    Takes, are you phoning
    Am not coming, does train arrive
    Leaves, arrives
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